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Sumdog shows somebody else's account when I log in!

Sumdog uses cookies to maintain you visited. Sumdog Parent Login Erasing your browser's cookies should fix this problem.

When you log in, Sumdog puts tiny documents called "cookies" on your computer to remember you.

Visiting and seeing another person's name might be due to the fact that the cookies in your web browser are perplexed , Sumdog Sign Up

Removing all the cookies you have stored will repair this, although it might affect various other websites you use, too.

Many browsers have a "delete searching history" alternative (or something comparable) which will certainly let you delete your cookies.

This choice needs to show you a listing of just what is being removed - make sure that cookies are picked.

Some internet browsers (Net Explorer, for example) also offer you the choice of conserving cookies from your favored web sites. Pick to delete, after that reload the Sumdog page.

You must likewise ensure that your internet browser is not preventing Sumdog from saving any cookies. You could usually do this by including Sumdog to your list of relied on websites.

My students are being logged out while they are playing.

This is because of the method your network is set up - web browsers are sharing their details in between computers. You'll need to talk to your IT administrator concerning this.

We store the login information for the trainees in your short-term web browser files.

Each computer will certainly pick up the login details from all the various other computers if the browser info is shared throughout several computer systems. Some institution networks are established like this.

One very easy remedy for this is to have the pupils switch to using anonymous or exclusive browsing.

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If you have currently made it possible for cookies, after that you could likewise try the following:

  1. Lower your total safety setups
  2. Add Sumdog to your "allowed" websites

If you make use of a firewall on your computer system, examine the safety settings on this, and also add Sumdog to your checklist of allowed websites here.

Although you have actually allowed cookies, Sumdog still having difficulty composing the cookie containing your user details. This implies it can not videotape your development on the website.

Sumdog is running slowly

This could be because of your institution's network connection or your computer system.

Below are some things you can try:

Close various other programs that are running in the history, and also shut any added browser windows or tabs that you have open.

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See to it that you are using the most up to date variation of Flash.

If your network link is slow, you could ask your students to play against the computer system, as opposed to against schoolmates or other users.

If your college network uses a proxy to connect to the web, you could experience a poor connection. Ask your IT manager for help in improving your link rate.

I've made it possible for cookies currently, yet Sumdog still informs me to enable them.

You can try decreasing your protection setups, adding Sumdog to your "enabled" sites, as well as checking your firewall settings.

Sumdog's games will not pack correctly for me.

Several of the data needed for the game are being blocked by your network. Ask your IT manager to whitelist "*" ("star dot sumdog dot com").

We make use of great deals of servers to provide the data you require since so several people use Sumdog.

If any of the documents cannot are get through to your computer, the video game won't have the ability to tons, yet you won't see any type of caution.

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Occasionally, network filtering software obstructs websites. You could "whitelist" Sumdog's web servers, though, so that your firewall constantly permits them to communicate with your computer systems.

To do this, you'll have to whitelist "*". The asterisk is very important, as we use numerous web servers to deliver various components of the site. It suggests that any severs with a "" address are allowed.

  • Your IT administrator will certainly be able to aid with this.
  • Components of Sumdog don't work for me.

You must examine your internet browser, and see to it Sumdog is whitelisted on your network.

Check with your IT administrator to make certain that no part of the site is being blocked or filteringed system.

If your school network utilizes filtering system, you could be incapable to check out parts of Sumdog.

For example, they may obstruct internet sites with the word "video game" in the address. Ask your IT administrator to whitelist the Sumdog site.


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